Extractions for the face or other skin areas are involve manually clearing a clogged pore. Having a professional skincare provider or licensed esthetician perform extractions is much safer and more effective than attempting to do so at home. Done incorrectly, home extractions can damage the pores and spread bacteria, worsening the issue.

A trained professional will first cleanse your skin, then apply an enzyme to soften the skin, making the extraction smoother. After the pore is cleared, an antiseptic/antibiotic solution will be applied to ensure the your skin returns to its normal acid pH and to prevent further breakouts.

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"Dr. Turner and her staff are incredible. The office is pristine, each and every member of her team you encounter is kind and personable and you are always seen on time. Dr. Turner herself gives a thorough, honest assessment and exam and her recommendations are 100% on point. Even though I moved and have changed my other MDs, replacing my dermatologist was never an option!”

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